Our Community

Building Our Community Forward


We’re here to bring you state-of-the-art facilities for a variety of sports, while working towards economic and wellness sustainment for our community.

Rantoul Family Sports Complex will provide more than sports, but help drive developmental property nearby the facility including potential for popular retail, service, and lodging needs for visitors of the complex.

  • 82 acres of available Commercial Property next to the Sports Complex
  • 150 acres of available Residential Property near the Sports Complex
  • Community Opportunity for Marketing and branding due to high-traffic area
  • Increased accessibility and life enhancements for the entire community



Growing Opportunity

More than just a sports facility, Rantoul Family Sports Complex is meant to serve as an economic development driver for Rantoul and Champaign County. Also, the area development plan has allowed space adjacent to the Complex for job and business creation in hospitality, restaurant, and retail opportunities–supporting the potential for over 550 jobs in our community. This investment, measured by jobs created both during and after its construction, will lead to increased quality of life for those able to obtain employment in and around the Complex.


Economic Benefit to Champaign County

The Complex will provide an economic boost to a financially-distressed community, but it will not just be the the Village of Rantoul that will benefit. With additional sales tax generated by those who participate and visit, each school district in the County will see an increase to their revenues derived from the existing 1% Construction Tax. In addition, surrounding communities will benefit from sales, food and beverage, and hotel/motel tax from the expected number of annual visitors to the facility–providing much-needed revenue to  service area residents and businesses.


Cornerstone to Community Health & Wellness

Rantoul Sports Complex serves as an additional anchor to the Village’s commitment towards community health and wellness. Joining the Forum Fitness Center, Aquatic Center, or utilizing miles of walking, hiking, and biking paths should encourage an active lifestyle for the community. Currently, we are focusing on building the Sportsplex facilities with a long-term focus to expand the Forum, build an indoor Aquatic Center, and make other improvements as needed.